Verified Sellers, Verified Diamonds.  Rapaport provides quality control and  verification through its QC center  in its Indian office, so buyers can  buy with full confidence.


Rapaport handles all shipping and custom clearance. Rapaport will consolidate your goods, handle the documentation, labeling and packaging of goods, clear it through customs on both sides and track the transfer of goods until its final destination.


All payments are conducted and secured through Rapaport and are paid and/or received in the currency of your choice.

Wide Pool of Dealers

Buy Confidently

No Payment Issues

Trusted Organization

Verified Buyers and Sellers

Weekly Shipments

Benefits to Buyers

Grow your business with RapX while dealing with an organization with whom you have worked with and trust implicitly. We help you increase the pool of international dealers from whom you can buy and process your orders hassle free. There’s no need for you to deal with international wires, payments or currency issues. Be secure in the knowledge that the diamonds you choose have been checked for Quality Control by a third party and Enjoy Regular cadence of weekly shipments.

Benefits to Sellers

RapX is your place to sell your diamonds to international customers hassle free and increase your pool of customers. We handle customs, the process of international shipment and streamline payments to remove any potential currency issues. With a regular cadence of weekly shipping RapX allows you to stay on the move. When you deal with Rapaport you deal with an organization you trust allowing you to be confident in your transactions.