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RapX - Rapaport Diamond Exchange®

A secure, transparent bid ask market enabling real time diamond trading


RapX enables buyers to bid on a large variety of diamonds, from thousands of suppliers around the world in a secure, transparent and efficient manner. Diamonds can also be instantly purchased for delivery, warehousing, or traded electronically with very low fees.

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RapX enables Sellers to gain exposure to a very broad range of diamond buyers, traders and investors. The RapX bidding platform provides sellers with immediate liquidity allowing them to deliver their diamonds and transact in real time at the highest bid.

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RapX provides investors access to the diamond market and enables them to invest in, and trade investment grade diamonds, in real time, as well as source rare diamonds from thousands of suppliers around the world in a secure, seamless and transparent manner. Diamonds can be purchased for delivery, warehoused, or traded electronically with very low fees.

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Driving highly liquid markets

Quality assurance

The Rapaport investment diamond certificate provides assurance that the diamond meets the highest standard of quality, enabling buyers, sellers and investors complete confidence to trade diamonds sight unseen.

Price Transparency

RapX provides bid ask prices in real time enabling buyers and sellers to have complete price transparency and an ability to trade instantly at the most current market prices

Low Fees

Ultra Low transaction fees enable high volume low margin trading opportunities and an ability for diamonds to be considered a relevant investment asset.


The RapX Bid Ask Screen provides sellers of investment grade diamonds with instant liquidity and ability to sell at the current highest bid prices in real time.

Investment Grade Diamonds

Rapaport has established a global investment grade standard for the world’s finest quality diamonds which is the cornerstone for transforming diamonds into a new asset class. The Rapaport Investment Diamond Certificate, identifies the best diamonds in the market while providing the trade, investors and consumers with the highest level of confidence, enabling electronic trading.

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How it works

The RapX mission is to expand the diamond market by increasing confidence in diamonds and driving highly liquid markets for investment grade diamonds via the RapX electronic trading platform.

The RapX vision is to expand the diamond market in order to provide more opportunity and access for trafers, investors and consumers.


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